Pennymac Reaffirmation Agreement

Creditors are not required to report to credit institutions. But if they do, it must be good. To the extent that the report indicates inaccurate information, you have every right to challenge it. It is a federal law that applies in all states. If he says that the mortgage account is “closed,” it seems to me that it is by mistake and that it could be corrected. Did you go to the court to confirm that the confirmation agreement was filed in court in a timely manner? That may be the problem, at least for some credit reporting issues. Maybe you can get a payment history from them that shows all your payments because bk was punctual. What interests me is what they say. What matters is whether you have confirmed the debt. If you do, a confirmation agreement will be filed with the court. Go to court, then to me.

Assuming a debtor decides to enter into a confirmation agreement, either for personal property (vehicle loan) or for real estate (residential loan), the confirmation agreement is submitted to the court. The court requires that copies of the contracts (i.e. mortgage, dummy or vehicle financing contracts) be attached when the confirmation agreement is presented. The court then conducts an oral hearing to determine whether the confirmation agreement creates unreasonable hardship for the debtor. The court can either approve the confirmation agreement or reject it. In the event that the debtor`s budget does not show the ability to pay, the court will generally refuse the confirmation agreement – meaning that the agreement has no effect or effect. In much of the country, a debtor is personally held to the balance due after having been liable for a mortgage debt. In other words, if a mortgagee closes and sells a house for 150K and the debts were 250K, the previous owner still owes $100K in debt! As a result, bankruptcy law does not require a landlord to confirm a mortgage debt to keep the home. All they have to do is make the mortgage payment. As a result, most debtors decide not to confirm a mortgage debt; instead, they simply choose to continue paying. As a result, most mortgage companies do not even ask debtors if they want to confirm a mortgage debt.

Some mortgage creditors rejected a debtor`s request to assert the debt.