Uwinnipeg Collective Agreement

(k) with a registered partnership or association of the province empowered to prescribe examinations for admission or registration with the corporation or association, to enter into agreements on the conduct of examinations, the prescription of programs of study and the dispensing of instruction; “What do you think we can`t fire her?” This seminar is aimed at managers and supervisors and will associate them with some of the conventional restrictions in a unionized environment. It will also provide a framework for managing employees under the collective agreement and promoting positive labour relations, which is essential for productive employment. (b) the mandatory retirement age laid down in the statutes corresponds to the age fixed by a collective agreement. AND CONSIDERING that it is desirable to legislate to prosecute the University of Winnipeg under separate legislation; (e) establish rules and procedures for the conduct of its own deliberations, including the establishment of standing and other committees, the timing and manner of holding meetings of the board of directors and standing committees, and the determination of quorum; The decision of the college department and the faculty of theology “general council” designates the general council of the United Church of Canada; (“General Council”) “scientific staff” means the staff of the university designated as scientific staff in the statutes of the Board of Directors; (`teaching staff`) (k) deal with other matters of an academic nature.